Hauz Khas Social

Call: +91 78 3865 2814

Timing: 11:00 am - 11:59 pm

Address: 9A & 12, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

The restaurant is the essence of the rustiness of the place of Hauz Khas and directly overlooking on to the lake.Hauz Khas social is a nice place with roof top sitting. Crowd is also good,The place is very good, specially the roof area. Their sitting arrangement is very unique. They serve North India and pizza only on roof. And other cuisine in served on ground floor. Food is also delicious. However, they always have waiting of at least an hour,so better go one hour prior to dinner but anyway you can start from the bar. Also as they already have huge customer so there is no any offers available.
The drinks and food was really good and the service was great.

Plan your visit Peak wait up to 60 mins from 6-7pm due to sunset and 9:00 pm – 11:30 pm also People typically spend 30 min to 1 hr here.

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1.Your first thought about decor may say that its cheaply sourced however attention to detail is omnipresent and thats what would matter to us.
Food quality outruns its price.
Certain beverage on the menu may not be available (chamomile tea in my case) however that still doesnt take anything away from this place where you get good wi-fi and crowd in day time

2.Visited Social as their first official customers (the preview days and launch party were fun enough but THIS made us feel super special)!
The food was SO amazing.
I ordered Elvis Presley's french toast. Here's a disclaimer. It's not a dish for a single person. share it. lots of peanut butter and toffee sauce.
The thai curry and the goan prawn curry were really really good too. Maybe they could've served more rice, but eh.
The surf n turf teriyaki had the most incredible sauce accompaniment. Not too tangy, like many teriyaki sauces end up being.
Can't seem to recall the names of the other dishes but omnomnomnom
The Suresh n Ramesh dessert was good, but my colleagues weren't over the moon after having it. Same for the cronut. Didn't look like a cronut btw. More like stacked pancakes.
8 people- 9 dishes, 2 alcoholic drinks, 1 iced tea and 2 desserts. Our bill was less than 4k
Overall, a great experience.

3.One of the best places in Hauz Khas Village. Quite like how the place has a very 'Old School' feel to it. The food is great and the staff are extremely friendly. The balcony area is adjacent to the fort and probably has one of the best views of the lake.
Having a dedicated workplace is an interesting concept and might just motivate a few to put in the extra hours. A must see place for all the Hauz Khas Village regulars!

4.Two words - simply superb. The entrance to Hauz Khas Social is a little obscure (what restaurant's isn't in HKV), but once inside and you would be pleasantly surprised. The interiors are spacious and welcoming, done up in muted shades of brown, black and beige. On a weekday, the inside was not too crowded. The music volume was just right - we managed to actually talk to each other.
Despite Delhi's humid heat, we chose to sit outside. There were worn sofas to sink in and wooden benches to curl up on - we tried both and we liked both. The rustic exteriors were more than comfortable.
Everything about Hauz Khas Social is innovative - from its menu to the way they serve food and even the box they bring the bill in, a lot of loving thought has gone into the tiniest of details.
We ordered the Coke n Cane, Trip on a Drip and the Ferrero Rocher Shake (wayyy too sweet for me). The Coke n Cane shot was served in a syringe, a capsule contained salt - all-in-all, very cool. The other drinks came in old fashioned jars and the water came in glasses that said #pani.
We tried Them Potato Skins, DIY Footlong Bruschetta (actually a DIY because we had to put the footlong together ourselves) and the Enthu Cutlet Bao. Everything tasted excellent. It was an odd time of the day and we were snacking but that didn't stop us from trying an interesting sounding dessert - Watermelon Caipirojca Gateaux, and boy were we blown away!!
If the food was good, the prices were better. Rs 1600 (including taxes) for all of this.
Every single thing was a plus in this place EXCEPT, the absence of ACs, Coolers, Mist Fans for people who wanted to sit outside. We loved it and definitely plan on going back.

5.Every foreigner must read this before deciding to come this place!Everything was excellent till our server asked us to pay the extra tip. First he asked us if we are from here or not and then as soon as he learned we are visiting India, then he tried to educate us how the system works in India! He was pretty aggressive to leave him some tips. But then we found out the tips were already included to the total amount!! The worst of the worst is when we pointed it out, he even insisted “usually people leave more tips so it’s all up to you.” We were like “huh?!” If it’s up to us, then how come he kept demanding us to leave some tips as if we didn’t pay at all. First of all, he clearly stated the tips are not included so we need to leave some tips! The dude ruined the whole night!! I understand Indians trick foreigners all the time but something like this should NEVER happen to the decent resaurant like this. I know many nice Indian people but this guy represents his people so poorly!



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Look & Feel 98%

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Top Dishes People Order:-

  • Cocktails
  • Pizza 
  • Nachos
  • Long Island Iced (LIIT)
  • Tea
  • Biryani
  • Momos
  • Pasta

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