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FlyDining is a lavish and luxurious experience that combines adventure and fine dining. If you looking for an exceptional dining experience, which will have you elated, quite literally, then FlyDining is tailor-made for you! FlyDining is a unique concept that enables you and your loved ones to eat, drink and be merry at the height of 50 meters / 160 Feet above ground level and we promise that it shall be an affair to remember. The structure is supported by one crane, which houses 22 people around the table and a staff of 4 people at its center.
A thrilling fine-dining experience 50m above the ground.Safety measures have been taken into consideration at a very serious level. The equipment being used is tested and certified from Germany while the crane that suspends the structure is from Dubai. Once seated, the safety belts buckling to the seat are checked thrice before launching into the air. On board they have very courteous and lively staff members who will make sure you get the best of the experience. Music makes it fun. Vegetarian food is served with limited options. Alcohol is not served due to safety issues. All in all it is an experience one would not like to miss.

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1. The experience is amazing but short lived. No one really tells you that the food is offered in unlimited servings. The birthday package is really a waste of money. You may get cake from outside and they will still play birthday song for you. The food is exotic and is carefully curated, not make you over eat and probably puke but at the same time it is quite filling and sumptuous.

2. A Very Beautiful And Adventurous Experience For Delhi..Something New And Unique experience.Live High Volume Music.. Desserts And Great Food..Lively Environment..
Not For Kids.. Not For People With Height Fears..
Strongly Recommended.
Aprox. 40 Minutes Session..
Would recommend to try once fir the experience more than food.

3. The experience and thrill of eating up in the air are great. Service and the team both are excellent. But don't expect much from the food, it's just about average, especially the 2nd & 3rd course. The music, vibe, service team and experience are what you will enjoy.

4. Must visit for the experience. Experience of hanging 160 ft above the ground and having dinner right in the middle of sky with music is amazing. Best thing about it is they have a professional photographer and they send you the pictures within 24 hours 😛. Also, they have heaters installed which make the cold bearable

5. Not for faint hearted. This dining experience cannot be ignored when you visit Noida. Dining at 160ft in the air with city lighting all around. Meals served are artisanal, portion size is limited, food tatse is average, pricing is on the higher side. Adventure lasts for 40 minutes.

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